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Project Management

Our experienced project management team works with you from the outset. You are assigned an Account Manager with whom you can discuss all your technical issues.


COBA Plastics has the in-house capability to design and manufacture 100% of all tooling required for each of our manufacturing processes.


Our extrusion processes range from single material polymer extrusion, to multiple material ‘triple’ extrusion with wire inclusion, flock tapes, slip coating and surface preparation.


COBA Plastics Moulding have versatile moulding capabilities and this is proving invaluable in the development of technical components for our automotive customers.

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About us

The COBA Plastics Group serves the supply chains of Automotive and beyond with high quality thermoplastic products that are designed, developed and delivered with care.

Our vast manufacturing capabilities mean we can support every stage of the process, from initial design to development and final delivery, with the promise of excellence at every phase. Our continued investment in our people and technology sets us apart as a leader in our field.

Automotive Technical & Exterior

As a Tier 1 and OEM Supplier, COBA works closely with its partners to develop and manufacture a wide range of sealing systems, exterior trim and visual finishers. Through vertical integration we support all phases in-house, from design and prototype through to production and final assembly.

Injection and Overmoulding

Our moulding centres specialise in technically demanding components with short lead times, based on volumes that range from a few hundred to several million. We support industries such as Automotive, Medical, Safety and Packaging. Ranging in size from 22mT to 420 mT of clamping force, we can produce a huge range of products from small multi-cavity parts, larger single shot products, 2K injected parts and insert overmoulding. For both Injection and Overmoulding projects we can offer a wide range of value added finishes, from ultra-sonic welding and chrome plating to pad printing and hot foil stamping.

Precision Engineering & Design

COBA’s design and engineering capabilities set us apart from our competitors. Huge investment in state of the art machinery and a skilled in-house design team allows us to offer complete support from the seed of an idea to final fruition. From FEA through to Prototyping and Machining our experienced Engineers work with you to design exceptional tools and components using cutting edge CAD software and machinery.

Hose, Tube & Profiles

For over fifty years, Copely has been at the forefront of the thermoplastic hose and tube manufacturing industry, and enjoys recognition for consistent quality, innovation and excellence across a diverse product portfolio. As the UK’s largest hose, tube and profile manufacturer, Copely creates bespoke products for a multitude of sectors, including Automotive Horticultural, Agricultural, Medical, Construction and Leisure.

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